Dog Foods - Is Raw Healthiest?

Rylee, Frosty
I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how pleased we are with your products. About 4 months ago we got a new Golden Retriever puppy. The breeder fed NV Prairie. We decided to give it a try for our 5 year old Golden also. We had previously fed her IAMS. I could not belived the change in her coat with one week! Her coat was thicker, softer and brighter in just that week! She seemed happier too but that might have been the puppy! Needless to say, we are never switching back and we tell everyone with pets that this is the way to go! Thanks for an amazing food!
Norton, MA
I have been raising show dogs for 40+ years and became aware of the natural, raw movement several years ago. However, I was fully entrenched in the mainstream beliefs about feeding my show dogs. I bought "premium" foods and thought I had the best dogs possible until a year ago when I had a guest on my radio show, "Sue's Corner Pet Shop", that talked about raw diets. The guest was someone I knew and I invited her specifically to talk about the diet she had her dogs on. I had handled her young Bernese Mountain Dog and knew that he was beautifully coated and mature for his age (I took a Best of Breed with him his first time in the ring at 9 months of age!). Listening to her talk about raw diets got me to thinking. I began to use your products with the grain-free kibble we feed. Although I would have liked to have fed all raw, it is just too expensive with the 8+ dogs we generally keep. The change I saw was almost immediate. Especially in improved coat sheen and texture! The best part of this testimonial though is that I raised my first litter on your products last fall. I weaned the babies onto the frozen chicken or beef, rotating them a bit for the babies. I was so surprised that everyone dived in and that I had absolutely no signs of diarhhea with any of the puppies. I slowly changed the puppies to dry and canned, because it was easier for the new owners to buy, but I gave the new owners the regimen I use for my dogs using your products. The litter matured beautifully! One puppy was sold to a show home in Europe and is showing there. Another puppy just started showing and the puppy I kept won her first points her first weekend in the show ring at barely 7 months! She just won Best Puppy in Show and Reserve Winners Bitch at the Phoenix Arizona Beagle Club's specialty held early June. There were 92 entries from 6 states! She is only 10 months old. I am so happy with the puppies from that litter that I did the same with my next litter born this year. This litter too ate great and never had a day of tummy distress! When I had three other breeders help me to evaluate the litter when the puppies were 8 weeks old, all they could talk about was the great health of the puppies and the beauitful coats! I kept a bitch puppy from the litter and we will start to show her later this year. I am a convert! I know that your products are perfect for that transition from mom to "food". Dusty, the little girl born last August, is beautifully muscled, great coat, happy and energetic. She is a dynamo in the ring! I am so happy to be using your products and I am glad that my eyes were opened. I even worked for Pet Ag Inc. for 6+ years, selling nutritional products for the pet and vet trades. I would consider myself a "hard sell" but now I tell everyone about your product line! Thank you for high quality products!
Dewey, AZ
I have been feeding my dog Nature's Variety for three years now. She is the healthiest, happiest dog I know. Before I discovered Nature's Variety (at a dog food seminar), Idgie (my dog) had major problems with allergies. Month after month when I brought her to the vet to be treated for her allergy-related issues (ear infections and impacted anal glands), I would ask my vet if her issues could have anything to do with what I was feeding her (Science Diet - yuck). Every month, my vet would say absolutely not and add "some dogs are just more prone to allergies." Ironically, it was at my vet that I discovered your life-changing food. I was standing at the counter waiting to pay my bill and happened to see an advertisement for a dog food seminar at a local pet store. I went home and immediately signed up. It's the best thing I could have ever done for Idgie. After the seminar, I went home and threw away every bit of the Science Diet and every bad, grain and chemical-filled treat in my house. Idgie's health turned around as of that day. Being a lab and loving the water as she does, she still has a slight problem with her ears but all of her other problems have cleared up. I could see the difference in her demeanor and energy within a day or two of feeding her Nature's Variety. Additionally, I have personally witnessed three of my friends' dogs literally come back from the brink of death after their vets had given up on them and I suggested they start feeding their dogs your food. My question for you is if you market directly to vets and what their response is. I only ask because after changing Idgie's food and witnessing her remarkable turnaround, the next time we visited the vet (for Idgie's yearly check up), I raved about the difference your food had made in her life. The vet was wowed by how healthy she was (and is) but still didn't believe me when I told her it was 100 percent directly tied to the change in her food. I mention it each and every time the vet comments on how healthy she is but it falls on deaf ears. And my vet still insists that Science Diet is a good food. Every person I have convinced to try your food has noticed AMAZING changes in their dogs and is 100 percent sold on your product. And not one of them has even blinked an eye at the cost once they have witnessed for themselves how much better their dogs feel after eating Nature's Variety. I know I sound like an advertisement here but I honestly cannot say enough good things about your products. Thanks for helping to keep Idgie happy and healthy.
Maple Grove, MN
Shadow, Jasper, Joslyn
Shadow is a cancer survivor of two years. I am always looking for safe, nutritious food for Shadow and his buddies Jasper and Joslyn. Retired racers from the Greyhound track, they have a busy schedule when they work as therapy dogs, but normally they lounge around the house and are commonly called 45 mile an hour couch potatoes. Shadow and his staff Joslyn and Jasper have a very popular monthly newsletter called "Paw Prints". It features all pets that want to submit their picture and ask a question or give a statement. Shadow answers and publishes it in his newsletter. Because he is getting proper nourishment and doing so well, there is time to devote to fun projects like this.  Shadow likes the Venison Formula Raw Frozen Diet, and they all eat Prairie and Instinct.
Westtown, NY
Freindly, Toasty, Nutter
We have used the Instinct canned food for several years now -- not easy to find, so we order it from a feed store. We started looking for another type of food when my middle cat seemed to often throw up her food, and our concerns over the changing nutritional needs of our soon to be 27 year old cat Friendly! I want to share with you that we are so thankful to have found your product. Toasty, our middle "child" has eaten the food and kept it down and our old guy, Friendly, is doing well and is hungry every day. He eats the food with gusto! I wanted to send a picture of him, as well, so you could see this wonderful old cat. He has been the "father" to so many "brothers and sisters" ranging from a Husky to parakeets and the occasional wild homeless creatures like a Canada Goose and baby ducklings! Thank you for taking the cats' nutritional needs seriously. We know that you have helped to make Friendly's long life even longer! I'm attaching a photo. Friendly is the black cat and the other guy is Yankee Doodle--a barn cat who came with the house when we bought it and later became a house cat when he became very ill. Again, Friendly took charge and made Yankee feel quite comfortable and loved.